In today’s bittersweet news the internet has given one last gift to the family of Stefán Karl Stefánsson by pushing his YouTube channel over one million subscribers.

Stefánsson is best known as the actor behind the character Robbie Rotten in the show LazyTown.

Over the years the world fell in love with this character and turned the song “We are Number One” into a popular meme that was endlessly remixed and edited.

Unfortunately Stefánsson passed away in August of this year after a long battle with cancer.

Shortly after variations of this image began circulating on many sites with the aim of encouraging people to subscribe to the small channel he maintained.

When a channel on YouTube receives a million subscribers, the company will send the channel owners a Golden Play Button plaque to commemorate the occasion.

In October of 2017 Stefánsson uploaded a video of himself opening the Silver Play Button which is a similar award, albeit for reaching 100 000.

Over the last few days the next milestone was reached and, at the time of writing, the channel has 1 009 982 subscribers.

Stefánsson’s family has uploaded a new video recently to mark the occasion. It shows off the makeup and facial prosthesis needed for Robbie Rotten’s cartoon look. It’s 47 minutes long and not in English so we doubt most people will sit through the whole thing, but it is interesting enough to skim through.