Wizards of the Coast has pushed Magic: The Gathering Arena into open beta and its available to play for free right now.

This might not excite players as much as you’d think though because Wizards has tried and failed to make Magic work in a digital format once before, but this time things are different.

The game’s interface reminds us heavily of Eternal though that’s to be expected given Eternal borrowed heavily from Magic. There is a tutorial which explains the basics of the game and its rather well done.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is free to play but, as with games such as Hearthstone, you are able to use real money to expand your collection.

During the open beta there are two types of currency in Arena – Gold and Gems.

Gems are only available during the beta as Wizards tests the paid economy of the game. Gems can be used to purchase packs and enter competitions. Once the beta ends all Gems linked to your Arena account will be removed and you will be reimbursed.

Gold is earned by playing and earning rewards in the game.

“These rewards can be earned by completing in-game quests, winning matches, and participating in special game events. This Gold can be used to purchase packs and compete in certain game modes like Drafts or weekend events,” Wizards explains.

Now, for the important stuff – what formats you can play.

Players will be able to choose from three formats to play:

  • Standard Constructed
  • Sealed Deck
  • Booster Draft

There will also be casual in-game events including Pauper, Singleton, Momir and other online-specific events.

As for card sets all current Standard sets are available including Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria, Core Set 2019, and Guilds of Ravnica. Wizards adds that new sets will launch alongside the tabletop version of the game.

There are already a number of events already on the go including a Welcome Weekend Singleton, Sealed Guilds of Ravnica and Quick Constructed.

You can download Magic: The Gathering Arena through the official Magic website and enjoy some Friday Night Magic without having to spend a cent or leave the house.