At this point collaborations between popular YouTube channels is nothing new, but when a trio of our favourite content creators get together, we have to take notice.

Captain DisillusionMark Rober and Peter Sripol have pooled their efforts to debunk this flying phone case that did the rounds earlier this year.

More than this, however, they go even further and actually create a functional version of the idea that relies on actual engineering and not the CGI that made the original work.

As a bit of an introduction to this group: Captain Disillusion is best known for his extensive CGI work which he uses to show that viral videos have been faked. That may sound like a simple process but these computer effects can take hundreds of hours to replicate, which Captain Disillusion does to show exactly how the trickery happens.

Mark Rober is probably best known for his moving dartboard that guarantee’s a bullseye every time. Here he explains the physics of why the original video doesn’t work as well as pooling the contributions from the other two channels:

Peter Sripol is the man behind the functional version of the project and his video on the subject is, unfortunately, not available right now.

Sripol’s channel is known for his RC projects that turn everything from KFC buckets to LEGO bricks into flying objects.

As impressed as we are with these videos we can’t help but think how successful a real flying phone case would be. As explained in the video embedded on this page, a dual-rotor setup is not at all optimal and you can achieve flying selfies with a drone much easier.

That being said we can see a phone case with two propellers jotting out of it selling fast. If this trio is smart, and the idea isn’t already copyrighted, they should through it on Kickstarter or Indiegogo fast.

Will it be a silly gimmick with very few practical uses? Sure, but if the fidget cube can raise $6.5 million, we don’t see why this can’t.

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