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In-store display leaks details on GoPro Hero 7

GoPro is reportedly planning to announce a new action camera later this month, but it looks like details about the device have leaked ahead of time, with an in-store display showcasing the new GoPro Hero 7.

The leaked images surfaced via a series of Reddit posts from user AustinMittelstadt. The posts have since been removed, but one picture still remains on Imgur, offering a decent look at the design of the new action camera.

The other images, which can be found on The Verge, offer us a few more details about the upcoming device.

For one it looks a lot like its predecessor, with the main difference being a camera housing that juts out a bit more, although the specifications and recording capabilities of the onboard lens have not been revealed.

What has been mentioned though is the waterproof functionality of the Hero 7. Namely the ability to operate at 10 metres or 33 feet underwater.

The Hero 7 also appears to come in three colours – silver, white and black. The latter is also slightly different from the rest of the range, with a front-facing screen as found on the Hero 4 being one noticeable change.

While GoPro is still the industry standard when it comes to action cameras, interest in the offerings appear to have died down of late. This iis despite GoPro dividing up its camera lineup in 2016, and launching a 360-degree offering as well, along with a failed venture into drones.

Whether the Hero 7 can help reinvigorate interest in action cameras, as well as GoPro’s profit, margins remains to be seen.

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