So the internet’s latest obsession is Bowsette –  a fan-made version of Bowser from the Super Mario franchise that takes on the form of Princess Peach when he wears the Super Crown, a new item in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe that is intended for Toadette.

Now the question is, of course, how can you get your hands on a Super Crown in the real world?

While we wait for Etsy and similar sites to fill up with cheap recreations, you can make one yourself right now thanks to a guide by the appropriately-named Make It Yourself channel.

This project uses only a few materials with foam, paint, glue and cloth being all you need to pick up. This does mean that you will need to do some sewing to make this work.

Aside from that there’s a few polystyrene balls that sit on top of the crown and some gold metallic Rust-Oleum paint for that regal look.

In the coming days we’ll hopefully be featuring a 3D printed version of the crown, so make sure you keep checking the 3D Print of the Day archives for that to pop up.

Until then this is a really cool project that you can bash out in a day if you have the skills and inclination to do so. We’re hoping that we see at least one Bowsette or variant cosplay at rAge this weekend, and this could help get that done in the short time frame.