HP has never been shy when it comes to thinking outside the box for the designs of its Spectre notebooks, but this latest offering may be the most out-there to date. Say hello to the HP Spectre Folio, which is a convertible notebook that’s also covered in leather.

Yes, leather. Talk about zigging when everyone else zags.

The design of the Spectre Folio appears to take some cues from the more recent Surface notebooks that feature an Alcantara fabric for portions of the device.

For HP’s version though, leather not only takes up aspects of the notebook where your hands would normally rest while typing, but also the back parts of the Spectre Folio to create a device that does indeed look like a large leather-bound book when closed.

Whether or not consumers will go for this aesthetic remains to be seen, with LG’s ill-fated G4 smartphone failing to leave a lasting impression with its leather back cover.

As for the leather, HP says its 100 percent genuine. As for what will happen if it gets damaged and needs to be repaired, is unclear for now.

Moving on to the rest of the notebook, it has a 13.3″ display with up to 4K resolution options, weighs 1.47kg and features the ability to convert into three different modes. The hinge on the back of the display portion of the HP Spectre Folio can be adjusted to place the notebook in a regular typing mode, display mode and tablet mode.

There’s also an 8th Gen Core i7 model in the range, along with LTE connectivity and a claimed battery life of 19 hours if you opt for the top of the range version.

Pre-orders for the HP Spectre Folio have begun Stateside, with pricing starting at $1 300 (~R18 460) and topping out at $1 500 (~R21 300).

At this stage no word on whether it will be coming to SA, or indeed for how much.

Until such details are revealed give the video below a watch.

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