With all the bad news making headlines this week we think you’re in line for something a bit more positive.

On Friday Vox celebrated the graduation of 10 women from its internal skills development programme. The programme sees external training providers hosting lectures for three consecutive days per month.

Graduates of the programme walk away with an accredited certification ranging between an NQF 3 and NQF 5.

“There is a strong culture of skills development and training within the company. We have different learning programmes including internships, learnerships, product and systems training, and much more,” skills development facilitator at Vox, Caster Seakamela, said in a statement.

All the classes that form part of the programme are hosted at the Vox campus in Waverly where the women involved have access to learning material, computers and connectivity.

The new graduates of the Vox skills development programme.

The learnership opportunities are advertised on the Vox intranet, via email and at company events. Employees that are interested in the programme can then submit their CVs or employees can nominate their peers. Managers are also able to nominate employees based on their growth potential.

According to Seakamela, some of the selected ladies were held back in further education efforts not only due to financial constraints, but also through a fear of having to study while being employed full time. “However, the knowledge that there are people who believe in their ability, and being able to share the experience with other women, gave them the confidence to take on the course,” the facilitator says.

While the ladies at Vox now have a qualification they are now also able to further their studies thanks to the academic credits.

Congratulations to the 10 ladies that graduated last week, we hope to see you grow from strength to strength.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]