The South African business landscape is primed for digital disruption, but there are still organisations oblivious to the impending shift while still clinging to their legacy systems and failing to embrace the power of cloud computing.

This reluctant mindset is set to change, however, according to consultancy In2IT Technologies, which recently received its SAP certification to assist organisations on their digital transformation journeys.

We caught up with South African CEO Saurabh Kumar and enterprise business solution head Parichay Joshi at last month’s SAP Now Forum to find out how their company fits into the SAP ecosystem, as well as why they’re betting big on local organisations who are wising up to the power of digital transformation.

Increased digital needs

As a large IT consultancy with presence across the globe, In2IT has been able to see a number of trends and influences affect different parts of the world. In terms of the South African region, organisations across few different industries share a common need, according to Kumar.

“When we look at any large customer space, whether it be banking, telecoms or retail, we’re beginning to realise that those customers are going through a significant transition from a digital point of view,” adds the CEO.

These digital transformations are not simply about addressing how end devices are being updated throughout a company, but rather taking a look at the larger picture and the manner in which cutting-edge technologies can have a disruptive effect.

“As we speak about digital, it refers to artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain and the Internet of Things. Those technologies which are really trying to impact the life cycles for many organisations,” explains Kumar.

Adding that, “now customers are looking at getting their house in order before embarking on a digital journey. That’s where companies like In2IT and SAP can collaborate and assist them.”

The pair is then able to look at a customers internal processes, and from there identify the correct type of digital services that will help them have a more competitive advantage.

Kickstarting the journey

While Kumar notes that a number of industries are embracing their digital journeys, he does counter this by adding that there are still some organisations that are hesitant about making the necessary changes.

“There’s been a slow off take of digital, especially in the customer environment. Typically customers have been slow in adopting digital and cloud technologies,” he says.

In order to assist these laggard companies, In2IT leverages the experiences they’ve garnered in other regions across the globe.

The fact that they operate in 12 other countries, some of which featuring companies well on their way in terms of digital journeys, means In2IT can take the lessons learned there and apply them to the South African landscape.

“It’s been a slow journey locally, but the last 18 months we’ve seen quite an up tick,” enthuses Kumar.

“Now companies and large corporates are beginning to understand that IT is not a cost centre anymore. It is actually a driver of their organisation’s change, and that will give them a competitive advantage compared to their peers,” he adds.

Delivering more innovation

Touching on how In2IT will be able to better assist companies on embracing their digital journeys, the company points to its involvement with SAP.

“What we’re trying to do is do more with the cloud in South Africa. The country is a little bit slow when it comes to cloud and digital adoption, but we’re betting big on more companies wanting to make the digital journey,” says Joshi.

Adding that, “with that in mind we went ahead and got Success Factors, which is the HRMS aspect of the SAP solution. From there we localised it and built a commercial package around it, and then launched it in collaboration with SAP along with the certification.”

This as Joshi explains is all aimed at an effort to automate repetitive tasks. It’s part of the reason why In2IT developed a bit to sit on top of the jointly launched SAP solutions.

That not only gives In2IT a differentiator in the market, but also allows them to be an innovative partner rather than simply trying to copy what others have been doing, notes Joshi.

“We want to bring in innovation, and that’s how customers would see the light,” he concludes.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]