If you’ve been anxiously awaiting Red Dead Redemption 2’s (RDR2) 26th October release, a new gameplay trailer has arrived to tide you over.

It’s the second gameplay trailer that developer Rockstar Games has released for the upcoming title, and serves up almost all of the things that gamers will be able to do as Arthur Morgan, the main protagonist.

This trailer is also less focused on the central story, but rather all the activities that will be available in-game. In particular it showcases how Morgan and the Van der Linde gang he’s a part of, “earn” money by robbing looting, killing and gambling.

It also gives gamers a glimpse of what life is like if you choose to explore the world that Rockstar has created for RDR2. Naturally the game looks exquisite, with a first-person mode and cinematic camera angle on offer to change-up the perspective.

Personally we’re more partial to the traditional third-person angle that the franchise has routinely used.

One of the other elements on display in the trailer is the Dead Eye shooting system, with a new aspect to it being able to spot where targets are most vulnerable.

By the number of different trailers we’ve seen to date, along with this latest one, it seems like we’ll be dedicating quite a few hours to Red Dead Redemption 2 when it lands later this month.

Hit play on the trailer below and enjoy.