There’s many things we like about the Android operating system, and the pure version of the OS in particular. But as pleasing as Android is to use, the availability of new OS updates can differ wildly depending on the device you’re carrying.

This is why we’re keen on Nokia Mobile branded handsets, which are all sporting Android following HMD Global’s involvement as a licensed manufacturer a couple of years ago.

As for the latest version of Android (9.0, aslso known as “Pie”) the first Nokia phone to receive the new operating system is the Nokia 7 Plus.

HMD Global confirmed that the premium mid-range smartphone would be receiving the update last week, but now it is set to land on local handsets.

“We constantly strive to deliver on our promise of offering pure, secure, up-to-date Android on Nokia smartphones. Today, we are extremely delighted to start the roll out of Android 9 Pie on Nokia 7 plus – making us among the first to offer the latest innovations from Google, including Android One exclusive features such as App Notifications, to the value flagship tier,” noted Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer at HMD Global about the announcement.

We got to review the 7 Plus a couple of months ago, and it left a lasting impression as it delivered solid specs, good design and pure Android in a relatively cost-effective package.

The addition of Android Pie been welcome news to Nokia 7 Plus owners, as Google says there are a number of features that will help users eke out even more from the smartphone.

Some of the standout features are an adaptive battery that prioritises power for the most used applications on a phone. Added to this is a new system navigation setup with one button providing suggestions and predictions.

One of the big features though is Digital Wellbeing, which places an emphasis on taking a few breaks from their screen. It also has things like Wind Down Mode which shifts the display to grayscale and activates a do not disturb setting at a specific time.

Whether this does indeed lead to a more holistic experience remains to be seen, with it also depending on how much users are prepared to look away from their screens.

For now the Nokia 7 Plus is the first of the Android One designed smartphones to be receiving the Pie update, and given Nokia’s recent track record, it shouldn’t be the last.