We’ve covered cutting-edge robots countless times on Hypertext, and always jokingly noted that they would usher in the robot uprising. This time round is slightly different, with Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute (AIST) showcasing its Humanoid Robot or HRP-5P putting up some drywall.

The video (embedded below) is relatively short at 34 seconds, but is long enough to show just what the Humanoid Robot can do.

More specifically it allows the AIST to demonstrate how the Humanoid Robot can be put to use on a construction site, tackling some of the more basic tasks.

What is of more interest to us, however, is how a robot like the HRP-5P can be used in dangerous or hazardous conditions. One need only look at the death toll that took place in Qatar and Rio de Janeiro during the construction of stadiums for the World Cup and Olympics.

If the Humanoid Robot could be trained to do more complex tasks on the construction site for example, then it could certainly eliminate the need for human beings to be put in precarious positions.

For construction company owners there are advantages too, with robots able to work longer shifts, or perhaps during the night, for humans to take over the following day.

In terms of the Japanese outlook, the Humanoid Robot could be used to handle one of the country’s growing issues, namely an ageing workforce that’s unable to work on a construction site for health and safety reasons.

At the stage the HRP-5P is currently in the conceptual phase, so it still remains to be seen if such Humanoid Robots will become more prevalent in the industry moving forward.

Until more clarity in that regard is forthcoming, hit play on the video below.

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