Razer is an established name in the world gaming peripherals, and now the company is looking at other aspects of the gaming experience that they can tackle.

With connectivity a constant concern for many, the new Razer Sila aims to eliminate such problems with the company claiming that it’s the fastest gaming-focused WiFi router on the market.

How does it keep things fast?

Well Razer says the Sila router’s FasTrack QoS system prioritises traffic in order to deliver a gaming or streaming experience with minimal lag. As such it can detect the console your playing on, or the PC game you’re using, and reserve a portion of bandwidth in order to handle the demands of the title in question.

With a wired connection favoured over WiFi for gamers that want uninterrupted sessions, the Razer Sila could do the trick then.

Should you be using Sila in a larger area, say while you’re gaming with a bunch of mates in somebody’s house, the router can also be connected to other Sila’s to create a mesh network.

A single Razer Sila will cover roughly 278 square metres, with two doubling that coverage to 557 square metres. It’s not mentioned how much a third connected router will accomplish, but we’re assuming even more coverage.

To support the connectivity strength in a mesh network, the Razer Sila also has a dedicated 5GHz backhaul.

The Sila is currently up for sale in the States and parts of Europe for $249.99 (~R3 590).

No word at this stage on whether it will be landing in SA.

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