Despite Facebook taking many guises these days, the social media platform is still designed as a tool for making and interacting with friends.

To ensure the platform is better at that, Facebook is reportedly testing out a new tool for its Nearby Friends feature.

The report comes via TechCrunch, with writer Josh Constine spotting that the feature is rolling out to select number of users to test out. This takes the form of a map that displays the location of Nearby Friends in relation to the user. As such it bares a striking resemblance to the map that one finds in Snapchat.

Testers still have access to the more conventional listed method for Nearby Friends, but this version offers a geographical overview that looks at cities and drills down deeper into neighbourhoods.

At this stage, the Nearby Friends map is still in the testing phase, with a Facebook spokesperson informing TechCrunch that it is an active test. What that means precisely is unclear, so you may or may not see the map pop up in your Facebook app.

Whether the larger Facebook community is keen on such a feature remains to be seen, especially as some users might not want their physical location disclosed in such a manner.

As with most of the company’s location-based services, Nearby Friends is opt-in, so if it’s a bit too creepy for you, you can always chose to forego it.