LG Mobile revealed a pair of devices earlier this week, with the first being the V40 ThinQ smartphone. The other offering is the new LG Watch W7, which is also the company’s first Wear OS wearable.

It’s been awhile since the South Korean manufacturer debuted a new smartwatch, with the last notable one being the LG watch Style.

The Watch W7 is a wholly different affair though, and resembles more the chronograph aesthetic that LG favoured a couple of years ago.

As such LG says it’s designed for consumers want the capabilities of a smartwatch, but favour the more traditional look and feel of a conventional watch.

“As the first LG wearable to run the new Wear OS by Google platform, the LG Watch W7 is designed for consumers who value the look of a traditional analog timepiece but desire the convenient functionalities of a connected smartwatch.” LG explained in a press release about the Watch W7.

In terms of the chronograph elements, a stainless steel design is favoured for the watch body, with physical hands which are driven by a high-precision quartz movement says LG.

Featuring the aforementioned Wear OS, the Watch W7 has a number of different face options for consumers, with LG remaining mum on the other smart elements it’s touting.

When placed in the smart mode, the Watch W7 yields between three to four days battery life, but this gets boosted to 100 days when it’s in the normal analog mode.

At the moment no global pricing or availability for the LG Watch W7 has been mentioned, so it remains to be seen if LG Mobile South Africa will even deem it fit to land locally.