While Venom is the latest bad superhero movie to talk about, let’s go back to almost a year ago when DC disappointed with their big team up movie in Justice League.

Looking at what could have been with a better script is Nando v Movies. There are many video essay channels on YouTube that focus on movies, but this is one of our favourites.

In this four-part series the entire movie is completely rewritten into something better considering the constraints put on it by previous movies in the DCEU, so don’t expect it to be the type of wishful thinking that would restart the entire universe and give all the characters separate movies.

Instead this simply comes up with a better story that has two key changes: Superman doesn’t get revived to save the day, and there is more time dedicated to showing the Justice League becoming a team instead of a random grab bag of people in spandex.

Fair warning: the four parts combine to be around 100 minutes in length, almost rivalling a feature-length film. That being said, it’s worth your time if you like this kind of content, and you can always watch it in parts as intended instead of powering through in one sitting.

The full playlist of the videos is embedded below.

If you want to see more of this channel we suggest reading our interview with the man behind it, where we find out how the channel came to be as well as suggesting more content from it to watch.

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