Data from the Fitbit of a murder victim in the US together with surveillance camera footage have led police to an alleged killer.

The alleged killer in question is 90-year-old Anthony Aiello who has been charged with the murder of his 67-year-old step-daughter, Karen Navarra, by the San Jose Police Department.

It’s believed that Aiello visited his step-daughter, dropped off food and then left within 15 minutes of his arrival. The alleged killer also told police that he saw his step-daughter drive by his house that same day with a passenger.

But when authorities obtained a warrant for Navarra’s Fitbit data they discovered a peculiarity.

The data from the wearable showed a significant spike in Navarra’s heart rate at 3:20PM on 8th September before it slowed and stopped at 3:28PM.

Together with surveillance footage from Navarra’s home police were able to determine that Aiello’s car was still at the home when Navarra’s heart stopped beating.

In a later interview Aiello said that this was impossible but detectives explained that both the surveillance camera and the Fitbit used internet time and there was no deviation.

Authorities later found bloodstained clothes at Aiello’s home.

“From doorbell security footage to Fitbit, technology engineered to solve some of life’s issues are solving serious crimes,” district attorney for Santa Clara County, Jeff Rosen told The New York Times.

“We are continually inspired by law enforcement investigators who are thinking outside of the box,” Rosen added.

[Source – The New York Times]


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