With the rand dipping in value every day price increases are becoming a reality.

This week we saw the price of petrol climb to R17.08 and that means that the price of goods will be going up as well.

Electronics are not immune to price increases and ASUS South Africa has said that buyers can expect the price of computers and PC components to climb by as much as 20 percent.

“The price of a computer is unfortunately heavily dependent on the strength of the rand as most computers and PC components are imported. The recent weakening of the rand means that price increases are inevitable,” says ASUS.

While our ailing currency is to blame for this increase, ASUS says that a shortage of Intel processors has also increased the likelihood of rising prices locally.

For those that are looking at purchasing components right now ASUS advises you don’t wait to part ways with your money.

“The stock currently held by most retailers was bought when the rand was stronger and so computers and components are still available at old, lower prices,” explains the firm.

If you happen to be in Johannesburg this weekend we recommend checking whether any of the PC components or indeed computers you want are on special at rAge.

For everybody else, now might be the time to start saving for those PC parts in earnest.