Following a less than satisfactory second quarter this year after lacklustre Galaxy S9 sales, Samsung is feeling a little more bullish about its outlook for the third quarter.

So much so that the company has released some projections for Q3 2018.

In particular the guidance report estimates that the Samsung’s consolidated operating profit will reach 17.5 trillion Korean won ($15.5 billion), with its consolidated sales said to be in the region of 65 trillion won ($57.5 billion).

If Samsung does indeed hit those projections, it would be a 20 percent increase compared to Q2 2018’s mark of 14.53 trillion won, as well as being a new high for the quarter.

As for what is causing the strong projection, reports from Bloomberg suggest the company’s chip division is doing the best in this regard.

The chips in question are not the Exynos ones that find themselves in some of the company’s smartphones and tablets, but rather the processors used in data centres for cloud computing. More specifically the strides that Samsung has been able to make in smaller architectures appears to be yielding dividends.

We’ll have to wait until the fully fledged report for Q3 2018 gets released by Samsung in coming days to find out if the chip division is indeed performing so strongly.

If that turns out to be the case, the next objective for Samsung is to ensure its mobile division proves as profitable. With interest in flagship phones dying down of late, perhaps their plan to focus more on the premium mid-range and mid-range market will have the desired effect.