In a bit of appropriately weird marketing for their upcoming album Post-Apocalypto, Tenacious D is releasing a series of videos under the same name onto YouTube.

The first edition of the “animated” series popped up on the site in September and the second video released over the weekend.

As you may have guessed by the name this takes place after a nuclear armageddon happens in episode one. Jack Black and Kyle Gass’ characters then roam around the new world with a two-headed dog and their new songs acting as the soundtrack.

These videos sound improvised with very few frames of animation, instead feeling more like a slideshow with voice over from the band.

We’ve embedded the playlist of the series below which will update as new episodes come out every week. It’s completely free so give it a go, but keep in mind that it’s NSFW even if you have your headphones on.

Episode two especially features a lot of poorly drawn nudity, all made by Tenacious D. According to the credits the pair was also in charge of the writing and directing, with only a colourist and producer providing outside help.

If you want to own the music featured here, the Post-Apocalypto album is due for a 2nd November release. If you’re lucky enough to live in the right place you can also catch the band live as they’re currently on tour across the US and Canada.