Late last week Microsoft debuted a host of new hardware.

While the likes of the Surface Pro 6 and Laptop 2 piqued our interest, it was one of Microsoft’s new peripherals that has us most intrigued – the Surface Headphones.

These noise-cancelling over-ear offerings are one of the sleeker looking models on the market, but at the time there was no pricing or availability info on these cans.

That’s changed, however, with Microsoft revealing that the Surface Headphones will go up for pre-order on 15th November in the US, costing $349 (~R5 194). They’ll be available to purchase shortly thereafter on 19th November.

As for what makes these particular headphones so interesting, they possess both active and passive noise-cancelling, with the former proving particularly helpful in loud environments.

Added to this is the ability to switch between 19 different levels of noise-cancelling by adjusting one of the dials on the headphone cup.

Being a Microsoft product, the company has also thrown in integration with Cortana, with Surface Headphones wearers capable of controlling the digital assistant on their Windows 10 device via their voice.

Yes, all these features are great, and having a bit more retail information about the Surface Headphones is welcome, but we’re still to know if they’ll be made available locally by Microsoft.

With all Surface hardware to date not landing locally due to Microsoft not wanting to infringe on its OEMs, perhaps there’s a slight bit of hope for these headphones, as none of their partners really make a similar product.

We’ll have to wait and see if that is indeed the case though.