After years of asking for something like it, the LEGO community got a set based on an important locale in Star Wars in the form of 75222: Betrayal at Cloud City.

This announcement happened in August and, since then, the set has become available in many places overseas. Now, however, it’s up for purchase in South Africa.

The official LEGO store in Sandton is the exclusive seller of this set but, if you can’t make it to the shopping centre, it is available on their online store.

You’ll be paying R6 099.99 for this set. The US price for is $349.99, which directly converts to R5 121.91 at the time of writing.

While a difference of about a thousand rand may seem steep, it’s completely expected for a set of this size and if you’ve ever tried to import something into the country in a personal capacity, you will know how steep those import duties and taxes can be.

The price seems even more fair when you consider the UK and EU prices (£299.99 and €349.99 respectively) which are more analogues since Africa does usually fall into these zones when it comes to pricing.

All of this isn’t to say we recommend buying the set, however. For the money you’re getting 2 812 pieces, which means the price per piece is still very high, if you care about such things.

And even if you don’t, this set is just not that appealing to us. It looks and feels more like a play set than an impressive model for the shelf.

For the money you could almost afford two UCS sets instead. We recommend the Slave ISnowspeeder or Y-Wing here.

If you’d like a quick tour of the set to make up your mind, check out this video. It gives a nice overview of what you’re paying for and a good look at everything in the box.