After announcing Weedcraft Inc last week, publisher Devolver Digital has unveiled another unique game in Observation.

Here the player takes control of S.A.M., the artificial intelligence on a space station. Your task is to help Dr. Emma Fisher find her missing crew.

The brief trailer embedded below hints that S.A.M. becomes inoperable for a while with gameplay taking place after some event happens that separates the crew.

Barring any big reveals or plot twists, it would seem like this will be the opposite of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with an AI that’s actually here to protect human life. That being said, we’re placing money on S.A.M. / the player ultimately being the antagonist here.

In a feature there’s also mention of a mysterious signal with the message “bring her” that you can see in the trailer, so the 2001 parallels continue.

The description of the game states that you get to interact with the station using its systems and cameras, so there’s also going to be comparisons to Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The developer here is No Code, the people previously known for Stories Untold (which is on sale right now, by the way) and we can expect to be playing Observation on PC and PS4 come US Spring (between March and June) of  2019.

There’s already a Steam page for the game that you can poke around but there’s not much there save for some screenshots and short descriptors.