After being briefly shown in Pokémon Go, the new Pokémon Meltan was officially announced in a trailer a couple of weeks back.

Now we’re seeing even more of Meltan as we get closer to the release of the new Let’s Go games in November, with two pieces of content coming to us today.

First up is something a bit different with Meltan worked into something close to live action.

We’re given scraps of information about as it’s recorded into a book.

The biggest revelation is near the end where it seems a group of Meltan fuse together. This isn’t new for the series as alternate forms and fusing have become common in recent years, but it’s just another weird fold for this odd Pokémon.

The next trailer follows along with the one that revealed Meltan with Professors Oak and Willow talking about these new findings.

Here we learn that Meltan is linked to a Mysterious Box and will appear when one is open, but the box is connected to some kind of timer.

More importantly, however, this trailer has a link to a page dedicated to Meltan which has a slew of details about it.

We won’t get into everything now but Pokémon Go players can look to Special Research quests coming to the game that will lead them to Meltan.

It’s stated that these will happen in the Winter, and we assume this means the Winter in the US. That’s between December of this year and March 2019.

With Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! launching on 16th November, this makes sense, especially with all the crossplay shown off between these two titles and Go.

Oh, and it’s good to see that parcel deliveries still take a few days to complete, just like in the real world.