When it comes to buying a dual SIM phone in South Africa, you may be surprised to find out that almost all Samsung phones offer this feature.

But why would you even want something like that? Let’s take a look.

Cost savings

The first benefit is a potentially massive reduction in your cellular spend: having two SIMs in a single handset means that you can get your voice services from one provider, and your data from another.

This lets you mix and match data and voice deals, getting the ones that are best for you even if they are from different providers or on different plans. With a dual SIM phone and some smart shopping around, you can pay as little as possible to make calls and surf the internet.

Keep your number

You also get to keep the SIM you already have, meaning you don’t have to change the number your friends and family know so well. Instead, you simply purchase another SIM from whichever network offers the data deal you’re happiest with, slot it into your phone, set the new SIM as your default data connection, and carry on as normal.

You really have full control here as the worries about contracts and coverage are lessened when you’re dedicating a SIM to providing you with just internet access.


But, even if you’re happy with your current cellular connection, a dual SIM phone can still offer plenty to like. For instance, it can eliminate the need to carry two phones around – a common scenario when people are provided with work phones. Simply slot in your work and personal SIMs into a dual SIM phone and leave the other device at home.

Separating work and play

Samsung phones offer even more in this regard. Knox – Samsung’s suite of security applications – offers a feature known as “dual persona” that allows you to separate the sensitive work files on your device into an encrypted Workspace that exists independently from the personal files on your phone.

While intended for enterprise users, this is perfect for anyone who wants to compartmentalise their work and private lives. It helps that this system also allows you to use the same apps with two different accounts, as the Workspace behaves like an entirely different phone. This plays into the strengths of any phone with a second SIM slot.

Get it from Samsung

If having the option to slot in two SIM cards into your next handset is something you’d like, check out Samsung’s local site to find the dual SIM Samsung phone that fits your needs.

Once you have your new device in hand you can also visit your local Samsung store, where they will help you set up your dual SIM, Workspace and other, more advanced features.

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