Blockchain is still very much a hot topic in the tech world and local startup Tari Labs wants to make it easier to understand the technology.

Tari Labs University is a Github repository that hopes to become the go-to destination for folks looking to learn about blockchain, digital currency and more.

“The more blockchain experts we can help develop, the better it is for the ecosystem as a whole,” says senior contributor at Tari Labs Cayle Sharrock.

The learning material found in the repository will constantly evolve according to Sharrock, who adds that Tari Labs University is an open source project. Beginners and more advanced blockchain developers can both make use of the repository.

Contributors can submit additional topics and material to the repository as well. These submissions will be peer-reviewed and added to the Tari Labs University repository thereafter. Topics that are potentially relevant to the Tari blockchain protocol are welcomed.

“From the start, Tari Labs has been all about giving talented people the chance to develop their abilities. The Tari Labs University is a natural next step in sharing knowledge and learning from the community in turn,” said Sharrock.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]