Gartner and IDC have revealed their reports for PC shipments during Q3 2018 and the both say Lenovo are the top manufacturer in that regard.

The research firms note that Lenovo accounts for roughly 23 to 24 percent of the market, with HP and Dell coming in at second and third respectively.

Gartner’s snapshot of Q3 2018 PC shipments.

As for how Lenovo was able to reclaim its position as the number one shipper of PCs on the planet, much if their success is put down to a recent acquisition of Fujitsu’s PC division, along with a renewed focus on their business-orientated offerings and a better strategy for the North American market.

While the recent findings will certainly give Lenovo cause for celebration, the PC market as a whole fell, with Garner noting that it dropped by 0.1 percent and IDC’s figures at 0.9 percent.

IDC’s snapshot of Q3 2018 PC shipments.

The likes of ASUS, Acer and Apple all saw their numbers drop during Q3 of this year, with the Dell and HP able to improve their amount of shipments slightly.

Reading into the figures, it looks like manufacturers that have an established business portfolio of devices are able to survive in this tough market.

As such it seems like consumers hankering for home and lifestyle PCs is not quite as expected.

Now the question is whether this trend will continue as we enter the end of the year.

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