The strange Soviet Union-era FPS Atomic Heart impressed a lot of people with its original trailer and showing of Nvidia’s RTX, and now you can throw money at its developers Mundfish if you’re so inclined.

On the official site there are three different types of pre-orders available: a $30 base game, a $45 Deluxe Founder’s Edition and a $90 Atomic Founder’s Edition.

The full price for the base game will apparently be $60, so these pre-orders are of decent value. That being said, we strongly suggest against pre-ordering, especially of a lesser-known title we know very little about.

If you do decide to spend your money now one of the big draws here is access to a beta in the last quarter of 2019, as well as an unlock of the full game a week before its launch date.

As for when that launch is exactly, we’re not sure. Its Steam listing states “2019” but gives nothing more. More specific dates will apparently be given out in the second quarter of next year.

Steam is also where you will be playing the game if you pre-order, as the PlayStation and Xbox versions are not available when selecting any of the three options.

As for why Mundfish is opening pre-orders so early, the FAQ on the purchasing page explains that Atomic Heart is “a rather expensive dream for a privately fund company” and this model will be used to deliver more content.

While these pre-orders did open on 5th October, we were recently reminded of the game by a weird video the devs put out yesterday. “Clown Trap”  shows a scary kinetic sculpture and, because it was uploaded with no context or other information, we have no idea what it will do in the game.