Boston Dynamics is now famed for having a bunch of robots that can do really cool things. The latest trick added to the long list of feats for their Atlas robot now includes parkour.

To that end Boston Dynamics recently released a short 30 second video showcasing the Atlas robot in action.

The video, pasted below, shows Atlas leaping over a large log. This is something we’ve seen before and at this stage is rather unimpressive.

That changes however when the Atlas robot approaches a series of large blocks stacked atop one another. The robot runs up to them, does not break stride and proceeds to leap from one to the other.

What makes this feat particularly interesting (I think you mean terrifying – Ed) is the way that the Atlas robot is able to maintain balance, shifting weight to and then launching off of one foot and then the other.

As such, it’s something that most humans would have a hard time doing, and yes I include myself in that category.

The next step in the Atlas robot’s parkour training will be seeing how he fares in an actual urban environment.

For now though we can enjoy the video below.