Securing your business from cybercriminals has become a requirement but small businesses face a few challenges in that regard.

For one security solutions can cost a lot of money, money that a small business might not have.

Thankfully there is a cost effective solution for small businesses that acts as both a firewall and a content filter.

That solution is the LucidView Enforcer and it’s being distributed locally by Biztec.

The LucidView Enforcer is a small device that provides safe, clean Internet connectivity by acting as both a firewall and a content filter for all incoming and outgoing connections on the home or business network.

The Enforcer also gives network administrators the ability to see who is using the network and what for thanks to regular reports.

Biztec owner Peter McLoughlin has actually been using the Enforcer for a while now and says that the solution is not just suited for small businesses but homes as well.

“The experience for us, both as customers and suppliers of the LucidView Enforcer has been incredible. Our internet experience has improved tremendously, because we’re eliminating the abuse of internet resources and we’re protecting ourselves, our digital assets, our customers and our children from the harm that’s out there,” says McLoughlin.

As the Biztec owner alluded to, the Enforcer can be used to restrict certain applications from using up bandwidth. Applications such as YouTube can be blocked during working hours and other traffic can be prioritised.

If your business is looking to secure your internet with the Enforcer you can get in touch with Biztec to find a solution that suits you. Alternatively you can pick up an Enforcer for up to 20 users for R990 through Takealot.