While we’ve featured a lot of 3D printed machines in the past (some of them even transform), none have been from Nier: Automata, so let’s change that today.

This recreation of the Small Stubby comes from maker Alessio Toccaceli, who tells us that this is one of the first projects he’s designed in Tinkercad.

After coming across the machine early in the game, Toccaceli got to work immediately and had finished the model in around five hours.

Printing similarly took five and a half hours to complete with the files intentionally sliced into small pieces to make this easier.

These individual pieces can also be glued into a pose of your choosing. The version you see on this page, with the outstretched arm, measures in at 10 X 10 X 8 centimetres. You can, of course, play with the scaling if you have the need to print a giant Small Stubby.

To get the proper shine here every piece was sanded by hand with 180 grit sandpaper, and a light beige colour was sprayed on as a base. After painting in the details with acrylics, the print got many black-and rust-coloured washes to give it that weathered look.

If you’d like to make your own the files are available for free over on MyMiniFactory.

We hope someone takes this print and makes it walk by shoving an Arduino or Raspberry Pi into it with a few motors. Alternatively the wind-up mechanism from toys with similar designs could also be transplanted into this to give it a bit more life.

In the coming days we’ll be featuring another print from the game in the form of the Type-4O Blade, so keep your eyes out for that.

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