Armed response and security firm Fidelity ADT has announced its partnership with local Internet of Things (IoT) network provider Sqwidnet.

As you might be aware Sqwidnet is a local operator of the Sigfox low power wide area network (LPWAN) here in South Africa.

For a company such as ADTn which makes use of battery powered devices for security, partnering with Sqwidnet is a great move and as Sqwidnet managing director, Phathizwe Malinga, says that it allows ADT to innovate.

“The SqwidNet network meets the communications needs of their current and future services, while also reducing the risk of signal jamming. Additionally, it will give Fidelity ADT the opportunity to develop new services to take to new markets based on the combination of Fidelity ADT’s inhouse capability and skills,” Malinga said.

Additionally, use of Sqwidnet’s network will allow Fidelity ADT to maintain its current footprint across South Africa and grow it at a lower cost.

“Fidelity ADT offers 24/7 monitoring and armed response services for private and commercial premises in South Africa. To enable us to offer these services, we install a range of intruder alarm panels in homes and businesses across the country. The wireless communication devices that connect these intruder alarm panels to our 24/7 monitoring centers, from both a hardware and air time point of view, are a significant cost contributor to the total cost of the solution. From an air time point of view, the SqwidNet network gives us a more affordable alternative,” says Fidelity Security Group’s group chief technology officer, Carel Wessels.

The CTO adds that Sqwidnet’s solution also meets the firm’s security needs as well.

“This is the beauty of using Sigfox. Conversion costs are low and existing hardware can be easily converted to communicate into the backend systems of Sigfox to receive sensor data,” concludes Wessels.