The saviour of gamers who want to chat to other gamers, Discord, has launched a beta version of its game store.

The announcement was made earlier this week alongside a bizarre video.

No seriously, it’s crazy, check it out below.

The gist of the announcement is that you can now buy games through Discord.

At time of writing the store is populated with a number of indie titles including Into the Breach, Frostpunk Subnautica and more.

The First on Discord section will also boast exclusive titles for up to 90 days before they become available on other platforms though console titles might be the exception to that rule.

In addition to being a store front, users can also launch any game directly from Discord. The Universal Library will scan your PC (with your permission of course) to find any game titles that are already installed regardless of the launcher they use.

That having been said, games from don’t seem to show up in the launcher but games from Steam and Uplay do.

Then, Discord is also upgrading its Nitro offering. For $9.99 you will gain access to a selection of games that you can download and play.

“As of today, there’s over 60 curated games for you to download and play at a total value of over $1000. We are going to add games at a regular cadence to keep the Nitro library fresh and growing,” said Discord.

The old version of Nitro has been rebranded to Nitro Classic and doesn’t grant you access to the games but it also only costs $4.99.

Discord’s store, Universal Launcher and upgraded Nitro are all available now

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