Less than a week ago we learned that the previously-announced LEGO / Blizzard partnership had produced its first set in an Omnic Crisis version of Bastion.

Some of those who put down $25 for the 182 pieces have already received their set – which is being exclusively sold through Blizzard’s online store right now, and will also be up for sale at BlizzCon in November.

When we first saw the set we were very disappointed. Not only was it far from recognisable as Bastion, we didn’t know at the time if it could be reconfigured or even rebuilt into its turret or tank modes.

Now that the reviews are out we know for certain that this is not an included feature. While we have no doubt that some inspired minds will come up with their own ways to make the conversion, casual fans will be stuck with bipedal Bastion.

All this being said, sometimes certain LEGO sets don’t translate well in pictures but they’re more likeable when in motion.

You can decide for yourself with the video below:

While the build is actually decent here, it’s still far from being a good representation of the character and we’re not filled with much hope that the other upcoming sets will be better.

That being said, we can see this being something of a trial run for the two companies in a effort to create a “taster” product for more to follow. We think even swapping out the colours for Bastion’s default skin would do a lot to help.

If you want more Overwatch LEGO, right now we’ve seen what the Tracer minifigure would look like. Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Genji, Soldier: 76, Mercy and McCree have been teased but not revealed as yet.

For more that you can see right now, fan builds are the way to go.

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