When it comes to Spotify, the free version of the music streaming service gives you quite a bit, which is why we’ve been advising people to hold off from signing up for the paid version.

Over the past few months though, Spotify has been adding more features to the Premium tier of the service, making a bit difficult to argue for opting for the free flavour.

This is exacerbated by the fact that Spotify recently announced a number of new Premium features and UI improvements, all of which will be rolling out to iOS and Android users in the coming days, if they’re not available already.

Starting with the design changes, the search functionality has been refined in order to give users more results for new music, along with placing recommended genres at the top of the page. Another style change sees the number of tabs at the bottom of the UI go from five to three.

As for the biggest change to Spotify Premium, now you’ll be able to access personalised radio stations for both artists and songs you select.

According to Spotify the algorithm powering this feature is the same used for other services like Discover Weekly, which also became available locally a couple of months ago.

It should be interesting to see how the addition of more features in recent months will make Spotify Premium a more tempting prospect at R60 a month.