Following a series of unfortunate events our review copy of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was delivered late and as a result our full review of the game will be late as well.

So far the game is gorgeous, the story is captivating and the combat is great albeit it slightly challenging.

However, there is an aspect of Odyssey that has left me feeling hopeless – flirting.

At the moment I am playing as Kassandra because she’s just awesome. Seriously, there’s a point in the game where she shoves a person’s fake eye up a… Actually, I won’t spoil it for you though there are many moments where Kassandra’s Spartan wit precedes her.

Anyway, flirting.

Early in the game you are given the chance to flirt with Odessa – a self-proclaimed descendent of the legendary Odysseus who needs your help with: A) escaping from bandits and B) an escort to the ruins of Odysseus.

Following that brief jaunt you speak with Odessa and there is the option to flirt, so I picked it.

This was a mistake because in the real world I am terrible at flirting. Knowing that about myself I still decided to try it out in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey because this is a game and the great thing about games is you can do things you would probably never do in real life.

In spite of my failings in the real world I thought I’d give flirting a shot. I tried to be coy and failed miserably with Odessa shutting me down saying something along the lines of she doesn’t have time for this now and needs to start her own journey, as is her right.

I took the hit and moved on with my life.

After an hour I bumped into Odessa again.”Divine intervention, Zeus has granted me a second chance,” I proclaimed to my empty bedroom, forgetting for a moment this was a game and the developers had obviously planned my interaction.

This time, Odessa needed my help finding herbs for her ailing father. Not just herbs but some other ingredient that cost me 50 drachmae at a merchant!

Reluctantly I paid the merchant not wanting to get into a fight and made my way to Odessa. Along the way I was day-dreaming of my triumphant return to my future wife who would shower me with affection given I was successful in her request.

Upon arriving at the love of my life I was given the dialogue option “Let’s have some fun first” and selected it.

Obviously flirting with somebody while their father is dying a few feet away is a bad idea but like I mentioned earlier, I’m just bad at flirting and clearly, timing.

After accepting that Odessa and I were never going to be anything more than mates, I completed one more quest for her and asked her to join my crew and she accepted. She also gave me her bow which I feel was given out of pity for my romantic ineptitude more than anything else but hey, free bow.

Perhaps my Greek lover is still somewhere out there and I’ve yet to meet her, or him. I have a long journey ahead of me and I’m hopeful that the gods will bless me with a beau.

Should they not, well at least Greece is lovely at this time of the year.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]