Shopping for a used car can be a daunting experience, but a new local website promises to take the pain out of finding a reliable used car.

The recently launched promises to give used car buyers a more reputable way to get some wheels online.

“We are putting the buying and selling power back into the hands of the consumer, who will now be able to buy or sell their vehicle online. Corporate fleet owners will also be able to offload their fleet of vehicles through us,” says co-founder of, William Miller.

The platform is also able to help vehicle sellers who want to get the most value from their vehicle as it tests and inspects every single car to give it a rating. Beyond that, every fault is listed in detail so that buyers know what they are getting into.

Potential buyers are also able to book a test drive of the vehicle at testing centres located around the country.

For those selling their vehicle provides them with a desktop valuation which provides insight into the real value of their vehicle.

As the platform is online, buyers can participate in auctions from anywhere including a desktop or a smartphone. Local banks and insurers can also offer buyers finance, insurance and other services.

The aim of is to bring transparency back to used car sales. Whether it accomplishes this goal remains to be seen but from what we can see it looks like a decent platform to shop and buy a used car.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]