After months of waiting we finally have a good look at what the partnership between Blizzard and LEGO have produced thanks to images of six different Overwatch sets that have been uploaded to the Target Registry App which were then discovered by the community.

As these had not yet been officially unveiled by LEGO, we assume Target jumped the gun by uploading the pictures and information too early.

All of these sets will be available from 1st January 2019 and range in price and piece count to suit most people’s budgets, thankfully.

After the announcement that Overwatch LEGO sets would become real in May of this year, there was much speculation – some of it from us – about how exactly these products would take shape.

Most of these sets focus on the heroes from the game taking the form of the familiar LEGO minifigure, save for Winston being a bigfig. These larger character moulds are usually reserved for appropriately beefy figures such as Thanos and Maui.

There’s also brick-builds here for the various vehicles and terrain, as well as the armoured suit and mech of Reinhardt and D.Va respectively, but all of these are made to be in scale with the minifigures.

Bastion once again gets special treatment. After the Omnic Crisis version of Bastion became the first Overwatch set to be revealed and released, many found that representation of the character to be lacking.

Now we have a much larger version with the more recognisable default skin as well as the ability to change into turret mode. The only drawback here being that it is not in scale with the rest of the sets.

Pictures of that new Bastion as well as the other sets together with their USD prices and piece counts can be found below, thanks to The Brick Fan.

75974: Bastion

  • USD price: $49.99
  • Piece count: 602

75975: Watchpoint Gibraltar

  • USD price: $89.99
  • Piece count: 730

75973: D.Va & Reinhardt

  • USD price: $39.99
  • Piece count: 455

75972: Dorado Showdown

  • USD price: $29.99
  • Piece count: 419

75971: Hanzo vs. Genji

  • USD price: $19.99
  • Piece count: 197

75970: Tracer vs. Widowmaker

  • USD price: $14.99
  • Piece count: 129
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