When it comes to smartphone processors at the moment, Qualcomm is playing catch up, with Huawei and Apple both featuring 7 nanometer designed chipsets in their latest devices.

Qualcomm isn’t able to say the same just yet, with a 7nm offering only arriving next year, but the silicon maker has served up something tempting for the mid-range market in the form of its new Snapdragon 675 CPU.

What makes this chipset notable?

Well it’s sporting a new Kyro 460 architecture which is built around the same ARM Cortex-A76 that you’d find in some of the top flagship phones around, such as the Kirin 980.

Added to this is a two-to-six split of its octa-core design. The former are performance cores clocked at 2.0GHz and the latter tackles power efficiency at 1.78GHz. As such it could benchmark faster than Qualcomm’s current Snapdragon 845 CPU.

We’ll have to test it out ourselves though in a device that features the Snapdragon 675 to find out if it does indeed live up to the claims. When that will be remains to be seen, but we’ll more than likely only see it in the mid-range smartphones released early next year.

Along with the unique architecture, the Snapdragon 675 supports triple camera setups, and is optimised for mobile gaming. Clearly then Qualcomm is taking a play out of Huawei’s book, with the Chinese manufacturer also focusing its CPU design on camera and graphics performance.

As for which manufacturer will be utilising the chipset, we can certainly see scope for Samsung, which has previously stated its intent to focus more on the mid-tier market then the premium one moving forward.