It’s all gone Pete Tong for the owner of a Tesla Model S in Epping, Essex.

The vehicle was stolen by a duo of thieves but luckily for the owner, the incident was captured on camera.

The video (which we’ve embedded below) shows two men approaching the vehicle. One of the thieves is carrying what is said to be a tablet but looks to us like a router.

Whatever the device is, it boosts the passive signal of the Model S key fob to a mobile phone held by the other thief which unlocks the car.

While the crims appear to have come well equipped they don’t seem to understand how to remove the charger attached to the vehicle.

After many attempts the pair finally figure out that there is a button one needs to press to disengage the charger.

The person who published the video says that Remote Access (which would allow the owner and Tesla to track the vehicle) had been disabled as had PIN-To-Drive which requires owners enter a code before driving off.


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