The past quarter has been an interesting one for Tesla, with the electric carmaker posting profits for Q3 of 2018 despite the recent social media antics of its founder Elon Musk.

With Musk seemingly back to “normal” attention now turns to the important stuff – the cars.

More specifically the Tesla Model Y, which has been in prototype phase for awhile, but is now ready to head into production.

This according to a recent investor call that Musk held, noting that, “we’ve made significant progress on the Model Y.”

While Musk has confirmed the Model Y, which is said to be an SUV offering that is larger than the current Model X, is ready to head into production, there is no mention of when it will be commercially available.

The last time Musk spoke about the Model Y, he said that Tesla were looking at a March 2019 reveal. That timeline may still be feasible, but given the company’s constant production woes with the Model 3, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Model Y SUV’s only hitting the road in 2020.

Nevertheless it’s good to see that Tesla is diversifying its range of electric vehicles, and when the new SUV comes to fruition, Musk’s weird S3XY naming convention for the company’s cars would have been realised.

If anything this is just more proof that while Musk is supremely gifted as an entrepreneur, he’s still capable of some off-kilter thinking.