While Pacific Rim Uprising was disappointing on multiple fronts, you can still appreciate some mech models, and you may be able to buy a LEGO version in a few years.

This is thanks to LEGO Ideas – a platform where fans can submit their own creations for public voting. If these builds get 10 000 votes, LEGO will look into turning them into an official set after an internal review.

Voltron, the Apollo Saturn V, Tron and more have all received this treatment.

For Pacific Rim prolific builder “chubbybots” has recreated Gipsy Avenger with a decent scale, 14 points of articulation, optional weapons and an internal frame that allows easy customisation of the body panels.

You can see how it all comes together in this video.

While this project has been live for some time now, it was just chosen was a Staff Pick by the LEGO Ideas team. While this is very far from a guarantee that the set will come to fruition, it does act as a nice signal boost to get people to leave their support.

If you’re one of those people and you’d want to buy this as a set in the future, head on over to its page and click the “support” button. You will need an account and there’s a few short questions you will need to answer, but we think it’s worth the effort.

Below we’ve embedded a gallery of the Pacific Rim creations from this builder. Once you go past the 10 pictures of Gipsy Avenger, you’ll be able to see a hundred more similar recreations of the other Jaegers.

The album is on Flickr where you can also view it, as this is the preferred site that the LEGO community uses to host their images.

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