If you don’t have anything to play this weekend – or you can’t miss an opportunity to bolster that backlog with some deals – Steam is here to help with a slew of new sales.

First up is Deep Silver who claims the Publisher Weekend spot for the next few days.

Their marquee title right now is Kingdom Come: Deliverance  which is retailing for R353.40, a 40% discount.

The Metro series of titles is on sale too with the first game in the series, Metro 2033, completely free until around 10 PM local time.

The Saints Row series is also discounted, as is Dead Island, and a few others, so check the sales page for more.

Sega is also offering up lots of their titles in a “Best of Japan” sale.

Here we very highly recommend both Bayonetta and Vanquish, both selling for R74.46. You cannot go wrong with either of these, they’re superb.

Yakuza 0 is another great one that recently made the jump to PC, yours for R146.73, and it would be a crime not to recommend Tembo The Badass Elephant for R39.75.

If we can’t convince you to buy a game made by Pokémon devs Game Freak in which you play an 80’s-era action hero elephant, then we’ve failed at this writing stuff. You can see a screenshot from the game captured by a Steam user above.

Browse the rest of the sale for more.

Finally, outside of the publisher sales, Street Fighter V is on sale, as is the Watch_Dogs series. All the DLC for those titles has also been reduced.