What is the one thing that WhatsApp has been missing? That’s right – stickers.

Luckily that ends today, as the Facebook-owned messaging platform created a blog post confirming the arrival of stickers on both iOS and Android versions of the app.

To date the app has had emojis and GIFs, but now with the addition of stickers it completes the holy trinity of visual content.

Along with adding support for stickers, WhatsApp is also releasing its own sticker pack, as well as collaborating with artists for signature sticker packs. I’m not one for stickers, but if Facebook could wrangle KAWS┬áto make a set for WhatsApp, I’d certainly be keen.

To ensure that WhatsApp has a continually growing set of stickers in its store, the messaging platform has made the API available to creators, which means established artists won’t be the only ones benefiting.

You can head here to find out how to create your own stickers for the platform.

As for availability of the feature, an update will be rolling out to iOS and Android devices in coming weeks, with a new sticker button appearing as one of the media options in chat.

Whether this new feature will make WhatsApp more popular than other sticker-touting messaging platforms remains to be seen.