With some properties not being a good fit for the LEGO brand, it’s up to the community to make the sets themselves, which is what has happened with this Gekko from Metal Gear Solid.

The man behind this impressive build is Marius Herrmann, a German fan who you may already know for his Titanfall and Horizon Zero Dawn projects.

This LEGO version of a Gekko uses 522 pieces and, as you can see in the header image above, it scales quite well with minifigures.

That header image is actually a recreation of some concept art and is one variant of the build. Aside from grey, a tan version exists, and you can see it in the gallery below.

Click through to see more or head on over to Flickr where it’s hosted as many LEGO builders use the site to show off their creations.

If you’re impressed and would like to make your own, Herrmann has created step-by-step instructions and a parts list that is up for sale right now.

The minimum price for these files is €5 (~R83) , but you can put in more if you want to support this kind of work.

Despite featuring multiple points of articulation, this is intended to be a display piece and it is stated as being on the fragile side. This is on top of it not being as sturdy as an official LEGO set, so be careful with yours.

Our favourite part here must be the legs, which use large pieces originally seen in the Bionicle theme, specifically the Rahkshi line.