With SpaceX, Blue Origin and other private space firms all succeeding at the moment, it looks like their Chinese counterparts want to get in on the action.

Just like SpaceX though, the first attempt is not always a home run, as a recent failed satellite launch demonstrated.

The private company in question here is LandSpace, with its Zhuque-1 rocket failing to reach orbit, according to Reuters.

The failed attempt took place over the past weekend, on 27th October to be precise, with the third stage of the launch not triggering according to plan, but no mention has been made as to why the failure occurred.

As for the payload, the Zhuque-1 rocket was carrying a satellite for state-owned news network CCTV.

It’s also unclear what LandSpace will be doing in the wake of satellite launch attempt, but private companies are said to be playing a larger role in China’s ambition to have a world-class space program.

Precisely what kind of timeline it’s placed on that ambition is unknown, but the country did lay out its plan in 2012, with private companies joining the mix in 2014.

As such it should be interesting to see if the likes of LandSpace or perhaps OneSpace can be among China’s first private space firms to rival that of SpaceX. If this most recent launch attempt is anything to go by, it may still take a few years.


[Image – Reuters]