Yesterday – 29th October – was the birthday of Bob Ross and we got the news that replays of his famous “The Joy of Painting” show would be streamed on Twitch.

This isn’t the first time Bob Ross has made an appearance on the site. Back when Twitch Creative kicked off the show was also streamed where it attracted a lot of attention and adopted some of our favourite chat moments.

Every time a new piece of a painting would be added, a piece that seemingly made it worse and looked like a mistake, the chat would spam “RUINED!” over and over. When Bob Ross would eventually incorporate the happy little accident into the scenery, “SAVED!” would be spammed.

It’s a fun time and, of people like us who have already watched countless hours of the show, the community and chat aspects are a big part of why you should watch this content again.

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Another reason to visit the stream is the “Pixel Hunt”. This is an interactive overlay much like Reddit’s Place April Fool’s event. Everyone watching the stream can add a coloured pixel to a collaborative art piece, but there is a time delay between each addition.

Like on Reddit, there is some element of collaboration going on here, but the faster nature means that many finished pieces (viewable in the gallery section) are a bit of a mess.

There seems to be a bit of conflicting information about how long the stream will last. One part of the description states that it will be three weeks, while another says that it will be running from “Friday at 6PM PST and ending Monday around 9pm PST”.

With that bit of uncertainty make sure you visit as soon as you can.

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