The B.E.T.A for Fallout 76 launched on PS4 and PC this week, and for the latter the experience has been less than ideal.

More specifically an odd bug has been reported that deleted the files for the B.E.T.A, which totalled roughly 50GB, whenever someone tried to access the beta for the PC version. It also prompted a re-download of the files, which is of course less than ideal.

With the PC version of the B.E.T.A only scheduled to run from 1:00AM until 5:00AM (SA Time), this issue naturally meant that those who wanted to experience a bit of Fallout 76 didn’t have the opportunity to do so.

After being made aware of the issue, Fallout 76 developers Bethesda have said that they’re looking into the cause of the problem via a tweet.

They followed that tweet up later on with another confirming that it would extend the beta session on 1st November, adding a further four hours of access to gamers on all platforms.

As such you’ll be able to access the B.E.T.A from 20:00 to 05:00 (SA Time).

While the added access time is a nice gesture, we’re hoping Bethesda can iron out this issue ahead of Fallout 76’s release on 14th November.

With the Fallout franchise, and Bethesda games in general, suffering from some odd gameplay bugs in the past, not being able to play the game and then being forced to re-download it in an infinite loop of frustration certainly ranks among the worst.