3D Print turns a cheap RC car into Octane from Rocket League

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If you’ve ever wanted a real life Rocket League experience your best option is playing around with RC cars, but now you can make that experience a bit more authentic with a 3D printed shell.

South African maker Jason Suter has created this collection of small prints that can be connected to the chassis of an existing RC car.

He tells us that, even though a model of the car existed as a rip from the game, he had to make his from scratch as it was not suitable for printing. Starting from the beginning also meant that he could avoid the need for supports with subtle tweaks to the design.

Instead the in-game model was only used as a reference and the new one was made in Fusion 360 over the course of about 10 hours.

Printing took less time at just three hours using Rigid.ink ABS. After bonding the individual pieces together, the shell was put into an acetone vapour chamber and smoothed out there over the course of 40 minutes.

Yellow ABS was used for most of the car here to cut down on painting, but black highlights were added with acrylics. The engine detailing was printed separately in a metallic silver.

Suter states that, while he’s happy with how it turns out, he hopes a talented painter will take his work and make something special with it.

If that sounds like you, go and grab the files which are hosted for free over on MyMiniFactory.

This version is made to work with a cheap RC car sold on Banggood, but you can always play with the files until it fits your needs.

With the shell on this car measures in at 11.5 centimetres long and 8.7 centimetres wide.

You can see the finished build in the gallery below, but it looks better in motion.

If fast, fictional cars aren’t your thing, check out another 3D printed RC creation in the T-35A tank.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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