Facebook makes Level Up available to streamers in 21 countries

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At the beginning of the year Facebook launched its Gaming platform, called Level Up designed as the social media company’s answer to Twitch.

From what we can tell Level Up is yet to find the traction it’s looking for among streamers and creatives, but that has not stopped Facebook from launching it in countries outside the US.

The company confirmed the expansion of Level Up in a tweet earlier this week, with 20 more countries joining the United States as having access to the service. Sadly South Africa, or any African country for that matter, has made the cut for this phase of the rollout.

As such it’s a little difficult to get excited about the offering when local streamers don’t have the ability to use it.

Nevertheless this expansion shows that Facebook isn’t giving up on its plan to have a Twitch competitor in the market, with Level Up featuring quite a few plays from the popular streaming platform.

To that end those who stream via Level Up will be able to earn money on the platform thanks to Facebook Stars, which works in a similar way to Twitch Bits, as their are virtual “products” that stream followers can purchase.

Added to this is the ability to stream in 1080p at 60fps, create a customised dashboard and gain early access to beta features. There’s also a partner program, but it remains to be seen if all that will be tempting enough for streamers to move from their current platforms over to Level Up.

At the very least Facebook’s foray into gaming now means that there are a plethora of options available to streamers. As for which is best to get the following you want, is unclear.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Editor of Hypertext. Covers smartphones, IoT, 5G, cloud computing and a few things in between. Also a keen photographer and dabbles in console games when not taking the hatchet to stories.


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