Kyocera designs business card-sized phone that’s 5.3 mm thin

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Kyocera make quite a few things, even though they’re better known locally for their printing solutions. The Japanese company’s portfolio is set to grow even further, with the company revealing the KY-01L phone earlier this week.

What makes this offering particularly noteworthy is its dimensions, with it being around the same size as a business card. While most of the Western world does not use business cards as much as it used to, it still remains an integral part of the culture in Japan, so we can we see making a phone with a similar size would be appealing.

The Kyocera KY-01L features a 2.8″ monochrome epaper screen, 380mAh battery and LTE connectivity, all housed within a body that’s 5.3 mm thin and weighs only 47g. Added, or rather not added, to this is no camera or app store, but there is web browsing available.

Kyocera is also calling it the world’s thinnest phone, but as The Verge points out there are thinner options out there like the 2016 Moto Z at 5.2 mm.

Nevertheless the Kyocera KY-01L is still small by anyone’s measure, and will soon be able to purchase in Japan via their local operator Docomo. It’s set to be available for ¥32 000 (~R4 040).

Seeing as we’re not likely to see the Kyocera KY-01L locally, watch this hands-on video from Impress Watch below.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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